Connected Cars – The future is here!!

Cars have always created attention. Images on articles, new attractive designs, convertibles, connected cars, automated cars, etc. had always created more interest. Now, there is a plenty of buzz around the connected car concept. It seems people are beginning to feel the future already. When there is so much advancement in technology with cloud computing- the face of future technology is already on the run. It could be a little amusing when there are no talks about connected cars.

Bosch picture

Bosch media service

          Ever sat in awe of the movie Cars? Absolutely Yesssssss!!!!! Cars talking to each other, exchanging data- this happens not just in movies fellas! The cars can now talk to other cars. They alert the drivers to avoid possible collision too. These are Connected Cars that are connected to the Internet. They talk to the sensors on road, traffic lights, bus stops, cars and mobiles and also get the real time travel, traffic updates. There are just couple of jargons in this communication that we may want to know. It is V2X (V2V, V2I) – Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure communication.

These cars will help rerouting cars for best route choice. They can communicate with our home and the smart devices. They gather information like a digital helper and help make our day. Connected cars are the ultimate Internet of Things (IOT). They now overtake the Smart Home revolution. They are connected with social media and let us stay connected with professional and personal contacts.


Connected car concept

            For all this to happen connected cars need data- loads of data. They have a humongous appetite for data. A typical luxury car today runs with the help of some 100 lines of software code. It means they already have an impressive processing power. But with connected cars, the data, speed and space accelerates like a rocket. The numbers of lines coded are in multiples of 1000.

Cloud’s scalability and storage capacity will be in high demand. So what is this cloud used for? To shower rains? You guessed it right. Only in this case, cloud enables a heavy downpour of data. Sophisticated processing, analytical capabilities and you name it- cloud is the central hub where all this data will pass through. Cloud helps in developing the apps for making sense of the data used by the connected cars.

Okay. This sounds like a computer science lecture. So, what does the connected cars do? Simply put, it tailors the driving experience. You want to go out for a drive, the connected car system will link to the cloud and analyze the weather condition, inform you about the traffic condition. It can reroute you if you are running behind the schedule. It can change the mirror preference, seat adjustments, running your favorite playlist and even more- all tailored to the person. Connected cars are great for improving road safety.


Touch screen controllable car – Bosch

            Bosch introduced highly advanced concept of connected cars media service in vision 2020. Digital displays with no buttons to start and operate anything inside the car. Hand gestures and touch screen display controls from Home automation to social media helps do almost everything. It is the concept anyone would never want to miss.

In the recent times, the number of research projects on connected cars had increased dramatically. In the United Kingdom (UK), TRL along with three other companies have developed iconic automated pods in their UK Smart Mobility Living Lab. It is a part of the GATEway driverless car project based in Royal Borough of Greenwich, London. University of Leeds and Coventry University have few research works carried out on connected and automated vehicles. In the United States (USA), Google, Tesla, Land Over, BMW, AUDI, Ford had already developed these cars. APPLE is set to launch cars by 2020.

In India, Big players like Mahindra, HCL, Infosys, TCS etc. are in the forefront developing and promoting connected car technology. There are very few startups focusing on this Smart Mobility sector. CZ Smart Mobility based in Chennai is one among them. Connected cars aka Internet enabled cars present a $30 billion market in India. It needs more startups to innovate and present a global challenge. It is a very big bet for the technology industry and it will be just a matter of time before the startups in India fundraise big money.


Connected cars (Image source: BT)

            It is just a start and we have seen what Connected cars/ V2V communication could offer. One thing is certain; the auto mobility industry is in for a huge change. Connected Cars’ will be facilitated by the future of smart mobility technology.

Author: Gowdhaman Kandasamy


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