Flyer App – iOS Swift app


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This project was made for an online client.

The app has four tabs a. Routes, b. Delivered, c. Settings, d. Logout

a.  Routes Tab: This tab displays the Flyer distributor routes assigned by the admin from another device. When the assigned route is tapped the map displays the route saved by the admin. The distributor’s location will be tracked using core location. They will be able to drop pins on the map and the data is saved realtime on Parse backend.

b. Delivered Tab: When finish button is pressed the distributors will be able to see the time taken to deliver individual apps. In-detail view will be presented for different routes.

c. Settings Tab:  Admin can add new users, new routes and record routes on the map. The routes can be assigned to different users. Every data is saved on Parse. After all the distributors have finished the work, the data will be downloaded to the admin’s device in realtime.

d.Logout tab: The user will be logged out when pressed this button.


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